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I have had Rise Broadband for 8 years because it has been the only internet provider in my neighborhood. We have recently got fiber cable through Comcast and Utopia available. I am switching because we always get billed "Internet overage charges" each month. I have several kids who like to watch Netflix on their devices and I have the "250 gig" a month package a go over that usage every month. We find ourselves not doing much internet usage at... Read more

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Been a Rise Broadband user for over 2 years, not because I like them but because they are the only game in town. Service is not very good, every Sunday night you could count on no service. After a dozen calls about this I just gave up and accepted no service on Sundays. I also had to reset my injector 2 twice a week, not a big deal just a pain. Be very careful if you sign a contact with them, read the fine print as getting out of it will cost... Read more

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I have had them since the buy out of microserve and have been extremely happy with both companies. Sometimes we get a little buffering in the evening on our smart TV, but it isn't much. It is a dish that is set up so it can be a bit weird with the mounting placement. Mine is on a huge stand on top of my roof. The reason is because it has to reach above the trees, which are not mine, to get the satellite signal. No big deal. Better than any... Read more

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I had Digis for a few months with horrible internet and worse customer service. I called to have it canceled when I switched over to Echo Broadband last June about the same time they changed their name to Rise Broadband. They told me to set their dish out on my driveway so a Tech could come pick it up. After it sat on my drive for two months and I fell over it a few times I moved it out to the drive strip by the mailbox. About a week later the... Read more

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I had Micro serve and paid 39.99 and router was MINE per Microserve by taking the service. Digis took over. I live in Pocatello Idaho. My grandson came to live with me. He was terminal ill and not long to live. I am 71 years old and he needed faster speed to play games. I was assured I could go back to my original 39.99 so I did it for him. He has passed away. I tried to go back and was laughed in my face. NOW 46.84 (includes 6.00 rental of... Read more

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When we set up the account, they never told us about a cap/limit on our data. I run a business where I need to uploads hundreds of gigs of memory every month. One month I saw the bill and was charged a ridiculous fee for going over, which again, I had no idea I had a certain limit. They didn't care that they never told me and basically said, sorry you gotta pay it. So I decided to cancel. I called saying I was canceling and they didn't even care... Read more

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I had the internet placed in my home and came home to find the Satalite had been mounted in my tree and was using the high school signal. In addition they never ever responded to Dish technical problems. I am going to Roku soon. I had more than seven technical appointments that were never tended to. I continued to call dish and they eventually had me call Digis as they were the retailer. Digis did not answer their phone ever. There was... Read more

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I have only had my service from Rise Broadband for 1 week. It has been down more than it has given service. Serviceman left wires hanging off the wall and did not mount the box. Called for service today and was told it was too bad there would not be anyone in my area until next week. Service people and manager on the phone were very rude and basically said too bad. Horrible customer service and horrible service all around. I have 30 days... Read more

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Braydon, My friend pays $46+ a month. This includes rental of a router. She paid $39.99 before renting the router. She has the same speed package as I do. I have been told that I own my router. My Brother-in- law is paying $39.99 per month. He has the same speed package as I do. The discrepancy is STILL not justified. Also, I STILL do not have wireless. You sent out a tech who went up on the roof to "update" the system but he left without... Read more

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Recently, Rise Broadband acquired the wireless services of Texas Communications of Abilene Texas, While the service from Texas Communications was essentially perfect, the same cannot be said for Rise Broadband. About 3 weeks ago, my wireless suddenly went out. Calls to Rise were totally unsatisfactory. Generally I got a recorded message that said they were aware of the problem and it would be fixed shortly. When I finally was able to speak... Read more

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