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Digis is definitely going downhill! My wife and I purchased the service instead of Comcast or Qwest (Now Century Link) because of pricing.

At first the service seemed to work fine, but we noticed our internet speeds constantly getting slower. We complained and they gave us new equipment and directed us to a new tower. Internet speeds were good after that, but phone service was terrible. We complained but they could not solve our problem.

We have been trying to close our account for 3 months without success. It is required to send back the phone box, which we did, or they charge you through the nose for it.

They say they have no record of receiving it, so the have added the extra charges and are completely unwilling to remove them. They will not close the account until we pay for something that should never have been charged to us!

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Digis High Speed Internet

Hi Anonymous,

We'd like to help resolve the issue. Please email support@digis.net referencing the Pissed Consumer review. Tech support has been notified of your situation and is waiting to assist you.



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