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I switched to Digis to get better speeds than Century Link but unfortunately that was a huge mistake. When I run a speed test, IF I can even connect to, I regularly get .2-.5mbps.

You read that right, point *** two megabits per second, when I pay for ten. It makes playing any game or streaming anything a nightmare.

When I call to get help, someone comes in and "adjusts the router" and fixes the problem for maybe a few hours, but then it's back to it's regular absolute *** speed in to time. I couldn't possibly recommend them less.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Price, Speed, Price for speed received, Lack of quality customer care.

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American Fork, Utah, United States #938746

We are so sorry you have been receiving poor service. We would like the opportunity to correct the problem and can even send a supervisor to your home if your service calls have not resolved the problem.

We do have some issues with line of sight that can't be fully resolved and if this is the case for your home, we can provide service at a lower cost. Please contact us at 866-923-4447 and we will be happy to help, or respond to this comment with your contact information and we will give you a call.

Kind regards,

Digis Technical Support

to Digis_Rep Rexburg, Idaho, United States #938941

I shouldn't have to call daily because I'm getting 1/10th or less of what I pay for, I'm THIS close to leaving Digis altogether and using a mobile hotspot 24/7, or at least switching to a 5mbps plan or less since I NEVER get over 4 anyways.

Pahrump, Nevada, United States #936002

I agree with you. I'm in Pahrump, NV and Digis is the worst ISP I've ever had.

Though rural internet in general apparently stinks so I'm not sure I'll find a better ISP. I'm so irritated that I can't stream 99% of the time that I want to. There just isn't enough bandwidth available. And they say they have no idea your internet is having issues if you dont' call them.

I say Bull ***! They know it, they have metrics and meters and all that *** available to them nonstop, and I'm sure they have alerts being sent to emails or some system that alerts the tech people to check it out when they see bottlenecking or other issues happening. I'm not ***, yet they seem to think I am.

It's likely that they just don't give a flying funk because they know when we live in a rural area we have very little choice in which ISP we use. So, thanks, Digis.

to losing-patience Pahrump, Nevada, United States #936003

this website autocensor blocked the word "s t u p i d", really? How idiotic (is i d i o t i c blocked?) is that? THAT is also making me a t i c k e d consumer!

to losing-patience Rexburg, Idaho, United States #936551

Indeed, unfortunately Digis is the ONLY option I have where I live since Century Link is completely full where I live.. If another company were to come in, even with only 2mbps, I would sign up over Digis. ***, I'd probably sign up for Comcast over Digis, and that's saying something....

to losing-patience American Fork, Utah, United States #938758

We are sorry your service is not working properly. Although we provide service to some areas in Utah and Idaho where streaming would be difficult, we do have sufficient service in Pahrump to provide streaming. We will be happy to help you with speed for your service if you will give us a call at 866-923-4447 or reply with your contact information so that we can give you a call.

Kind regards,

Digis Technical Support

to Digis_Rep Pahrump, Nevada, United States #950478

I've contacted support monthly for 6 months. I have YET to be able to stream video reliably except say maybe 3:00am in the morning!

DIGIS is selling what they DO NOT have- BANDWIDTH...

I can prove it too-

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